In a world full of efficient, yet impersonal technologies, the challenge faced by many businesses is this: How do I utilize today’s useful technologies while still treating people like people and not just as pixels on a screen? This is an important concern not just for customer satisfaction but for employee well-being as well. We understand that this can be a difficult problem to solve, and we want to help you run a happy, healthy business. Today we offer you a Flexible booking plugin for WordPress to answer this very dilemma. Specially the Staff & Client Back-end module, which is a versatile function that makes it perfect for all appointment based business big or small, and the Staffing Account and Front-End Profile feature is just one of the amazing features of this plugin that we know you, your employees, and your clients are going to love.

The Staff Account and Front-End Profile feature within the Booking Ultra Pro plugin for WordPress is particularly useful for agencies with multiple staff members who participate in appointment-based client meetings because it allows staff to manage their appointments and interact directly with their customers. The Staff Profile offers an overview of each staff member, their job position, serves they offer, and a short biography about their lives and qualifications. Service prices and weekly schedules can be included within the staff profile, as well. Staff profiles are one hundred percent editable by the corresponding staff member, giving them the ability to update and customize their availability, specialties, and personal information as needed.

Of course, this feature is monumental for customer care for a number of reasons. Customers can now view those whom they will be giving their business to. This helps get the right client to the right staff member which results in higher levels of customer satisfaction and increased referral rates. Along with this, clients have their own panel control where they can manage their individual appointments. From the comfort of their own home, customers can now book appointments using these new features, making it even easier for them to stay connected with you. The best part is that you have access to everything and can view personal client appointments or staff members’ schedules at your leisure. This affords your staff freedom while still maintaining your supervision.

The Staff Account and Front-End Profile feature makes it easy for you to effectively run your business by giving controlled freedom to your employees and clients. One function of the Staff Account and Front-End Profile feature is the Staff List. This customizable list gives a full inventory of your staff members and includes their photo, name, and quick links to their corresponding profiles. This quick link to each individual employee’s profile and appointment scheduler and provides an overview look of your employees to your clients. Upon clicking on a staff members icon on the Staff List, you and your customers will be taken to the next exciting feature; the Staff Profile.

You and your staff members can use the Booking Ultra Pro plugin to increase efficiency like never before. Appointments can now be scheduled and accessed through the Staff Account and Front-End Profile feature. Look at today’s appointments to prepare for the work hours ahead, or click the “all years” option to see what future appointments and events are scheduled for your business. Plus, with real-time appointment status updates, it is easier than ever before to keep up with client appointments and to plan future business moves. Maintain a hectic work life and still be diligent with our new features.

But wait, there is more! The benefits and features do not stop there. Now you can connect to Google Calendars directly from the Staff Account and Front-End Profiles features. We make it effortless to keep both your personal and business events all in one easily accessible place.

We know that life is constantly changing and that means your business is too! We’ve made it simple for your employees to change names, addresses, and descriptions in the Personal Details area of the Staff Account and Front-End Profile feature. Settings such as services rendered and days off are a breeze to alter at any time as well. These are customizable to each staff member, making you and your client’s lives easier. After all, it is your establishment, and we want you to have the power to upgrade and revamp it anytime that you please. With a world that is always online, don’t let your business be anything else! Make it simple for your future clients to access your establishment and book your services.

It is so clear to see why the Booking Ultra Pro Account and Front-End Profile features are changing the way businesses of all shapes and sizes perform. This new feature is available on Professional and Ultimate versions of Booking Ultra Pro, and we truly encourage you to give this upgrade a try. We know you won’t regret it! In this world full of efficient yet impersonal technologies, it’s necessary to utilize today’s technology while still treating people like valued customers. We want to increase your customer satisfaction as well as employee well-being. We know Booking Ultra Pro is just the solution.

Like what you see? Show some love to your business today by upgrading your Booking Ultra Pro WordPress plugin to out Professional or Ultimate options starting as low as $99.97. We believe that you and your business have the potential to be their very best using these new features. See what the Ultra Booking Pro plugin and the Staff Account and Front-End Profile feature can do for your business. Upgrade today to get your business booming!

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