Dear Loyal Members,

Thanks to you and your continued support for Plugins Area, we are growing like weeds! Our community was started in 2013 with a single plugin, Users Ultra Pro. Since then, our numbers have flourished and continue to do so. We here at Plugins Area want to make sure that as we expand, our valued customers – yes, I’m talking to you – continue to receive outstanding customer support for all of your needs. One way we accomplish this is by regularly evaluating the policies and procedures that we here at Plugins Area use to connect and communicate with you. An important area we monitor closely is customer service and support. Currently, our support team strives to answer any and all customer inquiries, bug reports, and suggests through our original, forum based system.

Though this system has worked well for us in the past, every good thing must come to an end; and in this case, we think it’s for the best. It’s time for a little upgrade. So, in the coming days Plugins Area will be implementing a new support system for you, our loyal clients. Our current forum system served us well, but the growing number of users we facility requires a more streamlined structure. To accomplish this, Plugins Area will be implementing a new ticketing system to help revamp the customer support experience. We believe this new system will be more efficient and will result in a speedier response time, more direct support, and an overall increase in customer satisfaction.

We know that change can be hard, and we hope to make this transition as easy on you as possible. Rest assured, the new system will contain some great features from our previous support forums. We still aim to answer all support tickets within 48 hours (Monday – Friday) of their submission, and even with this, we are often able to answer your inquiries in 24 hours or less. Tickets will be answered in the order by which they are submitted, and all submissions will be answered by one of our plugin experts. In addition, support is offered in both English and Spanish for your convenience.

We want our products to be the best they possibly can be, and sometimes we need your help to make that happen. So, we humbly request that you notify us of any bugs/glitches that you or your clients experience in relation to the use of our plugins. We will do everything we can to rectify these issues. Please keep in mind that though we want to help you in every way we possibly can, we can only provide support for plugins created or sold by Plugins Area. Support for customizations or 3rd party plugins is not available at this time.

As we begin implementing these new changes, we hope that you will continue to come to us with any problems, questions, concerns, or suggestions you might have. With your help, we can continue to provide you with superior plugins and excellent customer support.

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